An inproved exprecience

designed to increase sales

Nebia was looking to redesign their website experience to boost conversions, and build consistency around messaging and design styles.

  • E-Commerce
  • UX
  • Technology

Nebia is a revolutionary company that engineers water efficient showers to provide a better experience, while saving a meaningful amount of water. Their portfolio includes showers, house organization products and bathroom accessories.

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The Project

We identified several opportunities in Nebia’s website —from design to navigation improvements— where we could create a better user experience and help increase our client’s conversion rate.

How we did it

  • A complete layout redesign to increase visibility, improve visual hierarchy and put emphasis on prices

  • Navigation aids, color corrections and design patterns improvements to help users identify key transactional elements

  • Reduced information overload for an easier navigation experience

  • A/B Testing to measure results, identify errors and optimize content that resonates with Nebia’s customers

Nebia PDP
Nebia Products
Product Comparison

By creating a simpler and friendlier navigation, we made the purchasing process a seamless experience. From adding more relevant images to redefining the products menu, our team developed a faster process and helped Nebia improve their sales.

Nebia Mobile Phone
nebia approach


  • Ux improvements and optimization

  • Development on Shopify

  • Custom Code Pages and Templates

Tools & Partners