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The National Geographic Society hosts world-class exhibitions at their onsite museum located in the Washington, D.C., headquarters. 45RPM partnered with National Geographic's award-winning museum team to produce all video content needed for the much lauded exhibition, "Day to Night: In the Field with Stephen Wilkes."

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A compelling & informative story



Creating cohesive and compelling video pieces by intercutting existing field footage and original content while maintaining continuity is a creative challenge. Plus, producing content to be displayed in several different lighting conditions and over an experimental interactive device called the Spin Browser is a technical challenge. But crafting a video experience that celebrates the heart and effort of the exhibition’s artist and his pieces was a fulfilling challenge.


  • Captured a compelling, heartfelt, and beautiful interview of Stephen Wilkes in his Connecticut studio.
  • Poured over 2 TB of footage, literally watching every second, categorizing, selecting, and assembling the very best pieces.
  • Reviewed 1000s of individual frames and transformed time lapse footage into high-resolution stills specifically for the Spin Browser.
  • Conducted final color correction and grading onsite in the museum. Insuring an unforgettable experience for museum guests.


Video Content

Live Action Video

Post Production

Color Correction

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Ideation to Installation

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A museum experience that transports visitors into the field and behind the scenes of photographer/artist Stephen Wilkes during his nearly year-long, around the world journey as he created “Day to Night” photos for National Geographic. The exhibition is a powerful celebration of Stephen’s efforts and the wonder of the resulting photographs. "Day to Night" and the videos 45RPM produced are still touring the world.