Audit & Integrated Digital Marketing

Mindshift, a smart IT services company, built a strong business that customers as a whole liked, but had a dated site that failed to drive traffic and new leads, or communicate the real value to its customers.

The Challenge

- Large advertising budget that produced negative return

- Full range of service offering was confusing to customers

- Services company marketed technology, not people

- Didn’t know how to speak to their market in a way that resonated with consumers

The Solution

-Talked to customers and key stakeholders to know what they liked about mindSHIFT and why they trusted it

-Evaluated and analyzed the setup and performance of digital advertising campaigns to identify a successful foundation they could build from

-Built a series of landing pages strategically mapped to specific geographies and service offerings

Work and Results

  • 3.5X ROI
  • 6X increase in sales leads
  • 300% increase in CTRs
  • 25% savings in CPCs
  • Homepage GEO Landing Page Legal Landing Page

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Homepage GEO Landing Page Legal Landing Page


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